Hottest topic at IBC 2017 — AI.

We just got back from Amsterdam, where we exhibited new media AI solutions alongside our partner, IBM.

While Machine Learning and AI in general aren’t new concepts, the technologies (both hardware and software) have advanced so much recently, that real-time content analysis isn’t just becoming possible — it’s becoming accessible and commercially feasible.

So, what can video recognition AI do for you today?

If you are a technology company (CDN, satellite, media platform):

  • your network can become content-aware, creating new revenue opportunities for you
  • your customers (and their subscribers) can search and find content in new ways
  • augmented media delivery becomes a possibility (content may be presented differently based on what’s known about the viewer)

If you are a media company:

  • your old video archives become discoverable
  • live stream monitoring can facilitate compliance
  • once indexed, live content can be matched with advertisers/sponsors

If you are a brand:

  • you can finally understand what’s inside those popular YouTube videos mentioning your brand
  • you can monitor the complete content life cycle (from creation and publishing, to sharing, curation, and consumption) in completely new ways
  • you can design highly engaging and innovative campaigns

Finally, this is what we were demonstrating at IBC 2017:

If you signed up for early preview — we will begin provisioning accounts next week. Stay tuned for updates.

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Demonstrating iTrend Vision AI: recognizing objects in video and audio, and turning them into a real-time search index.
Discussing intelligent workflows with media companies. If you know what’s inside your video, you can make your video discoverable.
Some of the most challenging tech questions came from Cisco’s engineering team. These guys understand video.
It’s a wrap. Having some Guinness at Rembrandt Square.
Special thanks to our friends at IBM for making this happen. Looking forward to doing great things together!