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Let’s cut to the chase.

I run a business, and it ran into tough times. Both professionally and personally, the last year turned out to be a time of huge learning. There were highs and there were lows, and in between were the moments of epiphanies and weeks of overthinking.

Gradually, I got a better grip over the chaos inside. I decided to write down some of the salient lessons I learnt.

  1. In my crusade to make sense of everything, I often fail to see if I make any sense.
  2. In my fixation with things which I don’t have, or…


Ever since childhood I have loved to pretend that I like to read. Some of my earliest memories include sitting cross-legged, flipping through pages of books I could not read, and looking at odd photos I didn't really understand.

At that age of infinite curiosity and infant awareness, comic books were a godsend gift. They were colourful. They had plenty of pictures. They had lots of action. Plus, they made literal sense.

My comic books providing gods vaguely resembled my older cousins. They were huge “Raj Comics” fans. Raj Comics is the company that introduced India’s first two superheroes. …

Fiction Friday

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She picked up a dead flower that lay besides her feet, and quietly surveyed her surroundings.

There was neither a movement nor any trace of life.

The land she gazed upon bustled with life not too long ago.

What lay in front of her now was the annihilation of species. What she stood over were essentially the remains of a once flourishing civilisation.

It was the Judgement Day.

Clouds rained fire, oceans heaved and the planet quaked once and for all.

The most developed species were destroyed as were the most primitive forms of life. Those poor creatures! …


I am almost 31.

I have mostly lived less life than I would have liked, and yet have often lived more life than I could handle. This journey has been a cocked up symphony of stumbling steps.

during this travail, I have found solace in observing lives of others. They have turned out to be hundreds of windows to this world that show different shades and angles of the same reality.

The stories and lessons have been illuminating, poignant, scary and even entertaining. …


On November 12th, the “Smackdown Women’s Champion” Becky Lynch closed the “Monday Night Raw” with a broken face, a severe concussion and a rupture in the fabric of WWE’s reality.

As a part of her ongoing rivalry with Ronda Rousey, she invaded the rival show WWE Raw.

During the chaos that ensued, a wild punch by a fellow wrestler Nia Jax broke Becky’s face, and left her with a crimson mask.

Becky, however, continued to perform unperturbed and unhinged. She ended the show with her arms wide open in victory, and the WWE universe in her palms.

It was revealed…


At some point our lives, most of us are haunted by existential doubts — questions about self-worth, purpose and the whole bloody point of it all.

Most of us often hunt for meaning, and sometimes we even find it. With time and context the meaning changes, and the quest begins again.

A few weeks back, I had a very interesting conversation, where the question came up:

“I am just one of the eight billion people on this planet. What makes me special, if anything at all?”

It made me think.

The notion that we all are unique and precious has…


Patterns fascinate me.

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