Over $300,000USD in prizes for the best Startup Apps thanks to FbStart

Tuesday, 13 October 2015, Guadalajara: Hack for Big Choices, iTuesday and Tec of Monterrey are selecting the best emerging mobile apps and awarding them with more than $300,000USD in prizes, thanks to Facebook Start.

Hack for Big Choices (US-based Global Innovation Partner) and long time Mexican partners, iTuesday and Tec Lean Accelerator, are thrilled to be hosting the #iTuesdayPitch Competition at this month’s iTuesday in collaboration with TvAzteca. The best 20 mobile apps designed and created by startups in Guadalajara will be selected and awarded $300,000USD in services and tools by FbStart. The pitching event was co-hosted by Pablo Latapí and René Zuñiga, the Director of Tv Azteca Jalisco.

The first awarded startups together with the organizers, judges and special guests

FbStart, launched in March 2014, in the first year alone has distributed benefits worth more than $100 million to more than 3,800 startups; helping many of these companies grow their businesses worldwide. The #iTuesdayPitch Competition is an acknowledgement of the significant progress made by regional talents in the past years and an opportunity for startups to build strong Facebook integration and reach new markets.

Aurora Chiste, the CEO of Hack for Big Choices, that has been running their program in Guadalajara for 2 consecutive years, is excited that, “Facebook is collaborating with us to give an opportunity to young entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. We envision an open landscape where citizens source and adopt the best technologies to address local needs, become emerging entrepreneurs, and create impactful innovation. This is exactly what we have been able to do in Mexico thanks to the amazing local partners, like Tec of Monterrey, iTuesday, and Luxoft. We need more similar collaborations to boost local efforts and build a better future for everyone.

Every month iTuesday gathers one of the most active communities of entrepreneurs in Jalisco, enabling young talents to discover the best opportunities available to launch new businesses. The event “will be a great opportunity to show both Mexico and Silicon Valley that we have awesome entrepreneurs ready to change the world, and another proof of the positive impact that we have achieved by linking the local ecosystem with international organizations that are like minded,” says Francisco Ramos, cofounder of iTuesday.

René Zúñiga, General Manager of Azteca Jalisco, Francisco Ramos and Jesus Zepeda, co-organizers of iTuesday, and José Torres, Directive from AT&T

Many of the selected startups have graduated from the Tec Lean Accelerator of TEC de Monterrey campus Guadalajara. The Accelerator already has alumni that include more than 50 startups focused on different sectors such as IoT, Software, Retail Tech, Biotech, and Gaming. “The community of TEC Lean ecosystem is pushing entrepreneurs hard and encouraging them to really solve problems that have a global impact,” says Rafael Saenz, Director of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at Tec of Monterrey in Guadalajara. He continues, “We are sure that linking our pipeline of entrepreneurial talent to programs like FBstart will help our startups to find markets and resources faster.”

The first 10 winners:

  1. Credify — The Expedia of mortgage credits
  2. RefereePro — The first digital referee signal system
  3. Foynt — Reward drivers for not using their smartphone while driving
  4. Gamebership — The Spotify of mobile games
  5. Pitz — Administration system for amateur soccer teams
  6. Dressable — A mobile game that rewards your knowledge about fashion
  7. Adapptame — The Shopify for on demand services
  8. Medifile — Your most relevant medical information at your fingertips
  9. Foodstamp — Find the best dishes in local restaurants around you
  10. Orbinetwork — Get your whole supply chain connected online

Among the startups pitching last night was Foynt, who won the first edition of Hack for Big Choices in Mexico and recently gained a fair amount of media attention for developing an app that helps drivers to not get distracted by mobile phones while driving. This startup is addressing an issue that is a global menace. In the U.S. alone 1.6 million car accidents annually are caused because of phone distractions.

The RocketPitch Competition has attracted other really promising startups like RefereePro, an app that helps referees to capture real-time incidents as they happen. They are the first and only DRSS (Digital Referee Signal System) to ever be used by infield referees. RefereePro recently graduated from Cineapolis Seed Camp and has been named “One of the Coolest Sports Tech Coming in 2014” by The Bleacher Report.

For further enquiries, kindly send an email to aurora@hackforbigchoices.org, networking@ituesday.co, or engage any of Hack for Big Choices and iTuesday social media platforms @hackbigchoices and @iTuesday_Occ

Aurora Chiste,

Founder and CEO of Hack for Big Choices,

October 14th 2015


The competition will select:

— 20 startups that will be awarded with $15,000USD in tools and services by FbStart.

— 10 startups that will have speed mentoring sessions with the Iberus delegation from Silicon Valley during Epicentro.

— 5 startups that will have an exhibition stand at Epicentro’s startup expo.

— 3 startups who will have an exhibition stand at GATHER, the startup trade show for INCmty

The startups were judged by: Fernando Mendivil — ASEM (Mexican Entrepreneurs Organization), Aldo Farah — Angel Ventures Mexico, Christian Mendoza — Global Proteus, Ernesto Romero — TEC de Monterrey’s Incubator.

Ernesto Romero, Christiam Mendoza, Fernando Mendivil and Aldo Farah evaluating the pitching startups

The next 10 winners will be announced on October 19


Hack for Big Choices

Hack for Big Choices is a global movement using the power of entrepreneurship to tackle the issues that stifle and block a country’s development. We empower talented people to solve local problems by helping them to develop innovative products and launch new businesses. We also work alongside government entities and the private sector to build strong partnerships that can provide resources to these talented people.

Innovation is not only about new technologies but also about how people think and behave. We believe that successful innovation happens when supply and demand are connected in the fastest way possible. In every country where we operate we try to bridge the innovation divide in both ways. We optimize entrepreneurial intentions in order to create sustainable, needed innovations to help local economies grow and prosper. We also work on market forces to source and leverage fundamental problems with purpose, creating positive values for society and serve the underserved.

We envision an open landscape where citizens source and adopt the best technologies to address local needs, become emerging entrepreneurs, and create impactful innovation. This enables the private and public sectors to collaborate and trade value based on a transparent framework and commitment to work together. By doing so, we help create access to a better life and help local economies become sustainable while relying on bottom-up citizen engagement. This is how we aim to effect global change.

Our flagship hackathons are focused on the Design & Technology, Education, and Healthcare challenges that are blocking the development of any given country. The innovative companies that we help launch are prepared to attract investment and collaborate with local stakeholder due to their sustainable approach and potential to solve keys issues.

We currently work with local communities of entrepreneurs, local governments, private organizations, and universities in more than 15 cities across 5 continents.

Hack for Big Choices is a non-profit 501(c)(3) based in San Francisco.


The leading startup community in Guadalajara, which gathers entrepreneurs and key players of the innovation ecosystem at monthly meetups for networking, talking about trending technologies and showcasing the hottest local startups. The organization is coordinated by Francisco Ramos and Jesus Zepeda, both young local entrepreneurs and part of the Global Shapers community

Since 2012 iTuesday’s been collaborating with more than 35 organizations to promote and develop Mexico’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, becoming the go-to organization for people wanting to learn more about the active startup ecosystem and meeting key players

The first Tuesday of every month, iTuesday’s meetups have hosted both national and international high profile speakers like José Luis Cordeiro of Singularity University, Freddie Vega of Platzi, Gabriela Enrigue of Prospera, Enrique Cortes of Luxoft, Fernando Mendivil of ASEM, Nydia Godoy of Inventive Power among many others, as well as local startups that are becoming success stories for the country like PlayBusiness, Sunu, Pitchbull, TequilaSoft and RankTab to mention a few

iTuesday’s goal is to reunite, inspire and update the key players of the startup ecosystem, so they can establish a powerful networking to help entrepreneurs become global and create a positive impact through their startups


Tec Lean Accelerator is the first program to Latin America acceleration level for potential startups using the lean startup methodology. The accelerator is part of the Tec of Monterrey Guadalajara Campus. The Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (in Spanish: Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, ITESM) commonly shortened as Monterrey Institute of Technology(Tecnológico de Monterrey) or Monterrey Tech (Tec de Monterrey) is one of the largest private,nonsectarian and coeducational multi-campus universities in Latin America with over 90,000 students at the high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels.

Based in Monterrey, Mexico, the Institute has 31 campi in 25 cities throughout the country and is known for becoming the first university ever connected to the Internet in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world, having one of the top graduate business schools in the region and being one of the leaders in patent applications among Mexican universities.


Azteca, previously TV Azteca, is a Mexican multimedia conglomerate owned by Grupo Salinas. It is the second largest mass media company in Mexico. It owns two television networks, Azteca 7 and Azteca Trece, and operates a third, Proyecto 40. All three of these networks have repeaters and affiliates in most major and minor cities.

TV Azteca also operates Azteca 13 Internacional, reaching 13 countries in Central and South America, and part of the Azteca América network in the United States. Its flagship program is the newscast Hechos.