Embrace the Hustle

I want to motivate as many people as I possibly can to get them to embrace the hustle. Some people want to pick and choose when they go hard, they want to pick and choose when they hustle. The hustle is a way of life, not something you get to turn on and off. You don’t get to decide. If you’re not willing to do whatever it takes, then you should probably just do something else. When you jump out there and decide to work for yourself, you need to be mentally tough enough and ready to take the punches. You have to be willing to work hard work through tough times. Instead of trying to avoid it, you should embrace the hustle, and here’s why:

The hustle is the great equalizer. You can be broke, from the housing projects, from the trailer park, from a low-income background, none of that matters. If you have a hustle mentality and drive, you can literally level the playing field for yourself and for your family. I preach hustle a lot. I don’t do that to tell people, “look at me and look how hard I’m working”. I do it to motivate others. To let them know I came from nothing, and the little bit that I have, I got it from hustling as hard as I possibly can without making excuses. Some people get scared to jump out there, to just start. I’m not afraid to jump because my ultimate focus is on my legacy and I know the hustle will get me there. The hustle will make up for what I lack in privilege and talent.

You’re not going to get lucky. I try to be intentional about documenting my hustle process. That way, no one will ever have the excuse to say, “oh, he got lucky” or “he is an overnight success”. What is luck even? Imagine this: You show up to a meeting. Someone who you didn’t even anticipate being there arrives. You have a really good conversation that inevitably leads to you working on a major project with that person, which leads to other strong connections.
Is that luck or hustle? What if you wouldn’t have even showed up in the first place? What if you would have decided to only talk to the people you knew and felt comfortable with? I simply do not believe in luck. I believe that your hustle will position you, then later down the road success comes disguised as luck, but in reality it’s just the hustle.

Opportunities are everywhere. If you don’t take any opportunity for granted, other opportunities will find you. One opportunity builds upon another, which builds upon another, which builds upon another. If you’re trying to skip to the end, stop it. I get disappointed when people undermine opportunities because it’s not on a large enough scale for them. They refuse to take the small steps. When you’re just getting started, and you’re trying to prove your worth, it’s not wise to do that. Small steps are still steps in the right direction. Too many are trying to become “arrived” way too soon. If you just take each opportunity and use your hustle to maximize it, it will grow into a bigger opportunity. Before you know it, you will have surely arrived.

My goal is to live the hustle and document it while doing so. I want to rally the troops of other people who haven’t quite made it yet either, but they’re chasing. It’s just getting started for me, but I want to take others with me. I fully realize that I could lose. 10 years from now, having failed miserably, I could look back and wonder why I put all the hustle content out in the first place. I’m fine with that. I believe in my hustle that much. It’s going to be a long road, and a flat out dog fight that’s just getting started. Let’s do it together. Let’s embrace the hustle.

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