*Knock Knock Knock*

Life is about experience, right?

We will never really know what happens beyond our time here physically in this body, so where does that leave us?

Define Purpose.

I am an individual who believes in the choice of happiness rather than pursuing the feeling because we have the ability to consciously make adjustments in respect to any situation. Let’s take a deeper look at the word purpose. Google states, “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. A person’s sense of resolve or determination. A particular requirement or consideration, typically one that is temporary or restricted in scope or extent.” In the formal sense “have as one’s intention or objective.”

My intention with this blog is to arouse a response within you. A feeling, or stream of thoughts. Feel free to pause at any moment to bring your awareness within the body, mind & spirit. Share your ideas freely as this is a safe place for constructive opinions, engage conversation and know whatever happens I love you. I am thankful. I am happy. I am excited!

Why will the human species choose to live in a range of states when we have the opportunity to be harmonious… are you intentionally embracing the present moment?

Remember that change is the only constant, as we progress collectively our consciousness ascends… this is natural evolution. Human beings by design are one of the most intricate and intelligent animals we know currently in existence but we have a tendency to dissociate from the animal kingdom. Look at what is happening on this beautiful Planet Earth subjectively please, how do you feel about consumerism & consumption? Genetic engineering, ‘food farming‘, agriculture, education, our environment, the economy, and most importantly equality.

We are EQUAL, always.

So why do various species suffer, including our own?

The term “third-world” when referring to developing countries seems like detachment in the most literal sense of the word… as if the human beings “over there” are not even on Earth! How absurd, just because we are “here” should not limit or challenge the value another being has innately to express. If you were to take a gigantic telescope and observe the living conditions on Earth from Outerspace what would you really see in this exact moment? Take the time to really think about this in a mindset of oneness. Go deep and find Innerspace where thoughts flow easily ~ you can do this through active practice of meditation and other methods of grounding including Yoga, Qi Gong or Chanting! The list could continue on but for now, let’s get back to Purpose.

Taking into consideration a mix of variables beyond the millions (or if you’re really healthy… billions) of sperm cells released in a single act of intimacy do you believe in coincidence?

What if I told you that I think before we are even born here on Earth we have the ability to choose our “situation.”

What exactly do I mean?

Imagine being a Spiritual Entity, or “Soul” that has come to a time within Universal existence where you wish to experience physical sensations. Your habitable planet of choice is Earth and you desire to be Human in order to access consciousness and learn more about thyself, educating others in the process. Depending on “past” occurrences your Soul has progressed through, you decide there are specific areas of life that still intrigue you and perhaps there are also some unresolved karmic issues awaiting resolution. Naturally, you are drawn towards other Souls who are close Spiritual Bonds and they become your family! Your current Brother(s) could be your best friend(s) before, and now. Your Mother may have been your Aunt, Sister, even your Father! Would it be so strange to think at one point in time, in another life your grandparents could have been your first born children?

Mind you this is all speculative but imagine the possibilities when we accept alternate perspectives!

Your eyes tell you that life starts from the moment you are born, but that feeling deep inside you says that this may not actually be the real beginning…

You are here for a reason, now.

Remind yourself “I am Lucky! I am Powerful! I am Divine.”

Spend some time thinking about what makes you feel good. Just ask yourself, “What am I happy doing?” Envision it, make goals and move towards fulfilling your purpose!

An excerpt, from David Cameron Gikandi’s “Happy Pocket Full of Money

Sit down quietly and find out why you are here. You have a purpose. You may or may not know it yet. You can discover what it is by asking yourself and by being true to yourself. Your special talent is usually your purpose. Or it may be something you always felt, especially as a child, that you could do very well. Children often know their purpose, but as they grow up, society and the educational system confuse them. Or your purpose may be what gives you the most joy. In fact, your purpose cannot be something that does not give you joy and satisfaction. When you find it, live your life by it, and wealth will come to you a lot more easily and joyfully. And you will love your work . . . How many purposes do you have? You have as many as you feel that you have. You are not restricted to just one. You are a multi-dimensional being.

You may be at a point in life where there seems to be confusion, endless paths to potentially explore on this journey and opinions from many other beings to consider.

Take a deep breath, focus and ask yourself for answers. If you are patient and choose to listen, that inner space will light the way… always.

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Thanks for reading!