An Interesting Tool/Technology I Encountered In Preparation For Bootcamp

The journey of becoming a world-class developer is a really challenging feat, one that exposes you to rigorous learning and assessments. While preparing for boot camp, we were given quite a number of exercises that ranged from building static interfaces to creating a skeletal API that implements in-memory data management.

One particular exercise that stood out for me was managing the entire project using modern (agile) methodology, and tool — Pivotal Tracker.

Pivotal Tracker happens to be the tool of choice for the Bootcamp because of its wide acceptance by modern developer communities. This task was particularly interesting because it slightly veers off the core development and focuses more project management. It afforded me the opportunity to see the entire project from the eyes of a project manager (and not just a developer).

Along with the pre-Bootcamp instructions, I got links to materials that explained Pivotal Tracker from beginner to advanced level. In one day, I was able to understand the basics and then went further to incorporate it into my project pipeline. Some of the knowledge I picked up while using a Pivotal tracker (PT) include:

- Creating and managing new projects

- Managing EPICs

- Creating and managing boards — icebox, backlog, current, done etc

- Creating tasks (usually called stories), assigning points and adding story details

- Completing, submitting and accepting stories

In all, pre-boot camp exposed me to new technologies, agile process and in-depth knowledge of project management, among others.

Thank you.