GoodTalk for Teams

Turns out, it’s not just Millennials.

Everyone wants to enjoy where they work, who they work with, what they do, and feel like they’re shaping their path through life.

For decades, the old guard has viewed employees as resources; units of productivity that fit neatly into spreadsheets and financial models. The people at the top decide things. Employees comply.

The new way, however, sees networks of human beings — people with feelings, goals, fears, and ideas. People looking for purpose and connection and not just a paycheque. People with a huge reservoir of energy that, when we get it right, can not only meet business targets but far exceed them.

I believe we are witnessing a fundamental shift in our relationship with work.

The new way understands that your real human resources are not just the number of people on your team, but the amount of motivation you can harness from your team. This is how small groups of highly driven people take down huge, established companies.

This shift isn’t happening company by company, but rather, manager by manager and it’s part of why we initially launched GoodTalk — an app to help managers and employees have better One-on-One meetings.

Before I go any further, I want to thank the community and hundreds of people that reached out and have shared their feedback with us. This has given us some incredible insights about how the best managers today think about managing, motivating, and leading the people on their teams.

Throughout that process, one clear theme emerged: managers want to use GoodTalk for their weekly team meetings as well.

So, today we’re excited to share that we’ve expanded GoodTalk to include weekly Team meetings — oh, and should I mention native mobile apps?

We believe One-on-One and Team meetings are ground zero for helping managers motivate the people on their teams. The really important conversations at work, the ones that affect people the most, happen during these meetings.

It’s human nature to want to grow, progress, and improve. People like getting better at stuff because getting better feels good.

We believe this is the future of work: a place where managers help employees channel their energy towards things they care, with people they care about, all while getting that feeling of growing and improving.

This is us doing our little part at helping the new way take over and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Check it out and, as always, share any feedback you have