How on Earth can One Relate Jesus to A Power Bank!?

I write to Christians; to Christians who have keep to the faith for a while, but if you’re reading to enlighten and help you write your thesis or analyzing to point out my grammatical mistakes ‘I have no problem with that’ and ‘I won’t mind you’ respectively. All I can say is, you will learn something at the end of this piece.
Why am I writing this? I wish to share my Christian life experience with you and to other Christians.
You might know what I’m about to say already but then again you don’t know, do you? I have been beating around the bush and have not made my point yet but please keep reading, it gets fun.
If you have had a relationship with Jesus (intimately), maybe days, weeks, months or even years, you might have noticed the hand of God all in your biz, changing and increasing you in life. I also believe in between those years, months, weeks or even days of your relationship with God, you got bored or for whatever reason, you disassociated yourself from God and realized some decrease, reduction or a ‘below sea level’ performance in total in your life.
To address new converts first, you’ll definitely have a fallout in your journey with Christ and I see you confirming what I am trying to communicate in maybe few years, months, weeks or days to come. To unbelievers; if you doubt it so much, why don’t you just try it, give yourself a challenge for a change. Now to you; you probably shaking your head in agreement.
I have experienced a massive move of God in my life, a fallout and I have picked up myself again, with help of God of course, also a big shout outs to my family and friends who prayed for me. You’re been restored whatever you lost and more.

To sum it all, I came up with this analogy I think will simply explain this perfectly in case it still sounds hazy and unclear what I am saying; say you’re a smartphone, not any other phone but a ‘smart’ one, you were bought at a price, a very expensive one. So now say you’re an iPhone, definitely not a Samsung because I hate Samsung, but feel free to be that.
So you’re a smart phone, you can do great things, awesome things than your peers; say Nokia 3310 and the likes, you have hotspots, can access Wi-Fi, great camera, huge storage space, your processing speed is just there, you’re totally at another level. But you run on battery, as you do all these great things, you drain out and shut down, then for a moment you become useless, you can still flex but useless. The only way back to your purpose, be functioning again is to be charged, so let’s say Jesus is ‘E.C.G mains’ or a power bank, now that I really think about it even power banks drain out and E.C.G is unreliable but you get the idea right? You are smart after all. 
The only way to do these awesome stuffs as a smartphone is to continually charge yourself up. Note that as you’re always connected and being charged, you’re always on top of your performance and that the percentage of battery you have is directly proportional to your performance.
This analogy is probably flawed in one area; the more and longer you disconnect yourself from God, the more you lose yourself and your way back to Him. I say; “the more and longer you disconnect yourself” because, it is your decision to make, to get closer to Him and He will give you the grace to do so. He who will win, is who, who is willing to take the first step.
It is you who get far away from him not him far away from you. HE is the same yesterday, today and forever. Stay connected to him(Know your source of strength), Pray to him, read your bible (a verse a day), fellowship with the brethren, fast, start little and build from there and He will make your little great.