5 Ways you can efficiently mix metals to alleviate your new home

The real-estate market in Mumbai is reaching new heights. Literally and figuratively. With the buildings getting higher, luxury has climbed a few floors as well. Today, there are plush apartment complexes being built in some of Mumbai’s most prestigious locations. So, if you are looking for luxury apartments in Mumbai, you are in luck.

When designing your new home, embrace 2017’s Metal trend in your interiors to carry forward the shine of the structure into your interiors. Mixing metals is a trend that has taken the design world by storm. A little silver ottoman placed next to a bronze coffee table laden with a gold paperweight, lit by a rose gold abstract light fixture. You see how it automatically adds an oomph factor to the space. Here are 5 ways in which you can incorporate this trend in your new lavish home:


Metallic elements can leave your room looking sharp and edgy. However, sometimes this can go south by creating harsh lines. If you mix textures, you can add a cosy feel to your space. Adding a fluffy rug under a metallic dining table will help soften the sharp edges giving the room some depth.


Metal can sometimes be cold and harsh when left alone. It often needs to be accompanied by natural elements that will soften its look and make it blend in rather than stand out. Wood and leather are rich natural elements that are perfect for this job. Adding a brick accent wall, leather chairs or a wooden coffee table will do the trick.


It does not matter if you use cooler toned metals or warmer, when you appropriately mix metallic shades it always looks chic. However, hold your horses, do not over mix numerous tones and textures. This could leave your space looking more garish than glamourous. Use chrome as your base metal colour and other lighter colours such as silver and rose gold for accent elements.


Complement your metals with rich fabrics. Using velvet or silk along with metal pieces, especially chrome will add to the richness of the space. Cold metal shades such as dark grey or chrome cohabitate best with rich, deep, jewel tones.


It is all about how you can balance your metals. As we mentioned before, metals can be over-bearing when accumulated in one particular area. Therefore, distribute your metals evenly within your space. This is the general thumb rule to follow while mixing metals. You can explore your creativity in a balanced manner


A sparkling property, located on the Golden Mile in Mumbai, standing tall is the Lodha World Towers. A majestic structure of glass and steel, the World Towers are home to the tallest residential buildings in the world. This structure is destined to transform Mumbai’s famous skyline for the better. If you are one among the few fortunate, you will get to call this spectacle their home, make sure your interiors live up to the metallic skyscraper.

Lodha World One Residences (Image Source: Google)
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