If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.

‘’You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.’’~ Swami Vivekanand

Our potential is much higher than our imagination. Most of the time we do whatever we wish to do. But sometimes it can feel like everything around us is working against us when it comes to achieving our mission. 
But why?

You believe you are a confident person. Then all of a sudden, it crashes. Your luck seems to leave your side. You get rejected and devastated. You become disturbed, depressed, anxious and insecure. You think for a while you are worthless and its all over.

Actually, this is just a phase where you have all thins feelings. These things do not exist. Success and failure are the two side of the same coin. Failure is a learning opportunity, but only if you let it be. These things happen in life, does not mean you can not write a succesul story.

‘No negative judgment about yourself.’’

Many years passed without any self-realization. Beginning of this year, when I saw my two little daughters and myself fighting with different shades of life, first thing came into my mind

‘’Wake up and move.’’

Life is not only walking on the roadways full of shiny petals but also sometimes in muddy puddles. You need to explore the various shades of life. My past achievements that shown me just what is really possible if I believe in my capabilities.

‘’Look past performances, believe in your skills and move forward.’’

If you wish to go somewhere, not every time you get the correct map. Even if your map is accurate, does not mean you must find the right address. 
Two important tips to fix the wrong map:

1. Confidence in yourself

The only person who can destroy your self-esteem is you.
I read it somewhere,
‘’Confidence plays a huge role in your success .’’
If you want to be successful, you must learn to praise yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will believe you?
No worries, No regrat, love the moment, stay blessed
One day, the people who didn’t believe in you will tell everyone how they know you. They will talk about you. All positive, all nice. All you have to do is to take Small Steps to Success. After a storm the sun will always go back to shine.

2. Happiness is the master key
What is happiness?

Is it ‘’Money’’? may be, 
Is it ‘’Family’’? may be,
Is it ‘’Career’’? may be,
……………………………………………….so on.
‘’Happiness is a cocktail.’’
First, you have to understand the mathematics of happiness. You have to write in your mind, what makes you happy.
Most of the time, We’re all carving for the happiness. What I’ve concluded that happiness starts with your attitude.
Start something, Say something, Share something
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