About 3 years ago as i walked along the pathway that lead from 'Faculty' to Hall 3 in the hostile afternoon sun of Ugbowo campus, i was not thinking about how to reach my hostel room very fast to beat the hunger that was devastating my stomach. i was thinking about writing an economics blog. I had been in love with the subject right from SS2 in secondary when i fell in love with how my teacher then Mr Ayenson taught it.

I knew nothing about blogging at the time. I mean i have read a few articles and wrote poems but i had to learn about everything there is to know about blogging from Google, so it was trial and error all the way.

After posting my first blog ever i began to read that i should drive traffic to my site. I didn't even know how to do that but i was elated to see that visitors from US were reading my blogs. And i wanted more so, i began posting my new articles on groups on Whatsapp, Facebook, Yahoo, Google+, everywhere. I even had the habit of using Google translate to translate my heading and a portion of my article to Spanish because i saw a group on google + with 2 million members but it was in Spanish so i thought i have seen a hive of traffic.

And yes it worked my traffic skyrockected but so also did by bounce rate. What happened was that immediately my thousands of monthly visitors saw entered my site they exited within a minute or even less.

But why am i telling you this dirty secret of mine. Because i see many of us doing the same mistakes in business we don't know who our customers are. So anyone that comes to us we see as one. If you don't know who your ideal spouse is, you would chase anything with skirt. Telling yourself and your business who your customer is allows you to see that customer before s/he sees you and limit your search range.

You don't want all the people in the world to be your customers, you want a selected few. That's why when you write, say a target market of "All the internet users in Nigeria" in your business plan, any investor will know you don't yet know what you're doing.

Imagine you have a shop and everyone in Lagos comes in everyday, but only a dozen is buying would you be satisfied knowing how popular your shop is even though you have no sales?

No right?, Draft out your ideal customer. Try to be as detailed as possible; Where s/he lives, how old s/he is, how much s/he earns, his prefernces, why s/he needs your product etc.

This will help you know when you see 'the one' instead of chasing everyone like somebody that's mad. Guess what it will also help you reduce your customer acquisition cost.

The funny thing looking back to my blogging story was that i was so busy. You would think i was running for president when na just busybody.
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