Two drinks

Two drinks. That’s all it was going to be. ‘Sochu’. ‘Better make it two’. Which quickly turned into seven . Shochu is a Japanese spirit. It doesn’t taste like much, so you mix it with a soft drink called ‘Hoppy’, which tastes a bit like beer, just with no alcohol.

So I had seven of them and two chicken skewers.

We played with a translation app on the chef’s phone. I wanted to talk about the strange Japanese TV show showing and last night’s earthquake. Chef wanted to talk about my experience in Japan. I was ready to leave.

The chef walks me to the door and says “don’t drink too much”. Sadly, his warning is not give enough importance.

I head across the road. Two more beers. The sign says “English Pub”. I walk in, take a seat, say g’day to my soon-to-be-new Japanese best friend, Takeshi.

Two more beers. Then two shots of some kind of peach liquor.

We make friends quickly. Talking about Japanese architecture and earthquakes. We don’t talk about the war. He says that he will show me around Toyko. He’s my new best friend. I tell him that I’ve hardly spoken a word of English since I left. Sadly, it isn’t that much of an exaggeration.

Next stop: Fancy wine bar: Two glasses of Chardonnay. Then we are in a cab. We must have stopped to get cigarettes and have stolen someone’s lighter. They are both on my hotel room floor in the morning.

I take a photo standing on a Tokyo street. Just Takeshi and I. Then we hit the hostess club. One girl who speaks quite good English is replaced by another who speaks about as much as I am able to at this point. Two whiskeys here. Or more.

I’m wasted.

Next bar. I remember getting my face sucked off by a Japanese girl. I have no idea how long we are in here for.

We have left. We are in a cab, I’m angry. Why did we leave?

Takeshi assures me that the night is over. I tell the cab driver to turn back around.

I’m back on a Japanese street. It’s late. There’s nowhere to go. I can hardly walk.

I ‘m in a restaurant. It’s early in the morning. The chef cooks for me. Noodles. Maybe. I can’t remember.

I’m on the street. I’m in a cab. I’m falling out of bed and I hit the floor hard. I’m back in bed. I’m still drunk when I wake. I’m ashamed. I’m a drunk