Burn Everything, Move It Here

10 May 2014, i decided to create a Wordpress.

05 May 2017; 23:55, i decide to scrap everything over there and start fresh here.

Well, to be fair i didn’t achieve much. Published six short entries. One of them is a brief intro to my blog. The other was, well, dumb

But here’s the catch.

Since I moved to Germany, I noticed how awful my English skill, especially in terms of writing. Writing itself is already hard at the beginning, now to think it’s getting worse, I got slightly tilted.

I’m not going to promise that I will post something in daily/weekly/monthly basis. Writing needs an inspiration. Imagine if you have a beverage without a glass, it simply doesn’t work, eh?

I able to give you two main possibility:

First, I’m gonna fill my medium with lot of posts and stories

Or, I’m going to abandon this platform like what I did earlier.

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