Segwit2x The Real Bitcoin Killer

Thank you for your important posting that makes the readers questioned and lead all thinking deeply about this issue. I also read the post with serious interesting. Let me ask you two questions.

  1. Your mentioned that
    B) Power of development for the Bitcoin project will be taken out of the hands of the Core development team.

It means that 
Core member left the project when segwit2x activated and then hired people will join instead of the left core team.
Is it correct?

2. thinking simply, I have understood that if the miners and business side makes all in their hand, the users and core team can do hard folk. And we can choose it and survive in it. It is possible right?

Thank you for your taking up to your time in advace if you answer. Im studying btc currencly and very interested in the future of decentralized currency future. let me ask you my poor questions.

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