I’ve always wished Algorithm would generate poems
For I've had no muse for my inner rhapsodist to pen
It’s the randomness of feelings, they said
While I searched for it in randomness of data, elsewhere
Regression, Clustering, Fuzzy C-Means
Neural network, Decision Tree, Vector machines
The Markov Model was somewhere hidden, and in vain
The songs of the Atom eager, waiting to be sang
The Universe unfolded and there was a little Big Bang
Some labelled it Creation
Others, Yin Yang!
From nowhere talks of Wall Street and Lysosomes sprang
This is how the History began
I am now left with uncensored thoughts, all Kryptonic
Programmed to believe it’s impenitent hypnotic
Processing at the speed of million poems per YOU
With 10% battery, 59% Mu
I sigh and cogitate, “What do I call Thee?!”
Algorithm or the incessant non dual rhythm – “Me”

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