The 22nd century calendar is coming out, i am already having it made! What have we done?
 Someone made the space shuttle. Someone has climbed stairs on his head. Cats have made it into celebrities’ homes and are now competing celebrity status. Cocks are finding ways into their owners hearts, by bass-crowing, to avoid the pot. (see here what this roach is ongoingly busy doing. Not Freddie Roach, this is ‘Bolivia the roach’, playing his role to save humanity).

Rats now eat certificates. Away from bread crumbs, they are trying something new! Soon, this we will hear; that a white rat chopped off Zuckerberg from the ‘mark Zuckerberg part’, of his ‘University of Facebook’s certificate’.
Bottomline, how about starting to do something today. How about making use of our senses more; exerting them just a bit more; perhaps we’ll find new ways to move mountains or indeed move mountains!

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