A Mirror to The Blind — Abdul Sattar Edhi

A Mirror to the Blind

“No religion is higher than humanity” that is what that person believed when he was alive and made others believe in his ideology. He was once a common little kid who lived in Bantva with his family, he was very jolly in nature and used to do pranks and play games with his age fellows. Like everyone has some special moment where he/ she totally turned from the previous path and starts the new life, same like this happen with him. There were some personalities that made Edhi the most generous, simple and kind person in the society; one was his mother and a poor man who was too much injured and he helped him recover his wounds.

Well, Edhi was at his childhood, sometimes not gave the money to poor people but it was his mother who made him felt guilty for not doing such acts. Then he started to help poor people whenever and wherever he finds one. Once he met a strangest poor person who didn’t even look like a professional beggar or familiar to his surroundings. He helped that person to recover and that very person taught him Holy Quran and explained the real meaning of charity. He had a kind heart in his childhood he used to distribute food packs to the people in need. Then after a time, it became his habit and until the end of his last moments Edhi didn’t stop but always tried to make it bigger and better.

I must say here that I can’t recall a single act that I possibly can compare with the great acts of kindness to which Edhi sb devoted his whole life. But there is one that just came to my mind after reading a bit about Edhi’s life, a few months ago I had to attend an event and it was very hot that day. I felt thirsty so I went to the near shop for a water bottle and there is this old lady who asked me for help. I refused to give him money as I don’t trust those words but when I asked him for the medicine if she wanted me to buy her; she replied that she already had them. I don’t know what came to my mind and I ended up giving my bottle to her which I just bought and I bought a new one.

Society doesn’t matter

From Edhi’s life I learned that it doesn’t matter if you don’t like the things that the society really appreciates (i.e education, status) and have an interest in something else. You should always obey your parents as they guide you right. He did not just help others to claim that he was following the elders but he started liking and found self-peace in it. Once his father said to him “the strength of words lies in implementation, otherwise they are meaningless”.