Life with Goals #juststart
Tehreem Shoaib

At first, I’d like to say it is very nice effort and I like it what you are trying to express here Tehreem Shoaib. Your story of helping the kid is fascinating and the hurdles that you had to face and how you tackled all those problems were surprising. It is good of you sharing that kind of inspirational story but as a friend I would highly suggest you to proofread your blog at least twice. I hope you won’t take it as a bad thing.

Now, there are certain questions that came to my mind while reading it. Aren’t we suppose to write just three paragraphs out of which;

1st paragraph should be just about Edhi sb.
2nd about the goal and steps that we chose for it
3rd about actually doing it and the experience

Btw the picture shows that you really enjoyed that, specially where you are riding ATV “Like you just finished the F-1 race” #lol ;)

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