Ultra-Productive Mode : Active 🔥

Do you also run out of hours in a day and still have work to be finished? Time is the only truly limited resource here. I’ve been trying to get more and more productive to be able to finish work without taking any stress and also make time for other activities like taking proper care of my health.

So in this blog, let’s go through some of the tips I believe (based on my experience) that really help you be more productive:

You know what, let me rephrase that, I’ll share tips that help you be more productive in your ‘day’. Because you should be getting a good 6–7 hours of sleep in your ‘night’. This will boost your productivity, creativity and reaction speed. Oh, also, maybe typing speed 😅.

Have daily routines. These are really important as when you have planned a certain set of tasks which makes you more disciplined and more productive, obviously, that’s the goal! Also when you have a routine, you start to become better at doing certain things because you do it regularly.

Our end goal here is to be productive and NOT busy. A lot of people are really busy but get nothing done, because they’re not organised.

Saying No! Sometimes you have to say no to people asking for your time. So next time your friend calls you for going to the mall or watching a soccer match and you’re have a very important piece of work to finish, gotta say NO.

Multitasking. But be careful with this one, everyone has their limits to multitask, stick to yours! For eg- Listen to audiobooks on your way to work, really helps you finish those reading commitments 😆.

Use the Tech! You can automate your payments, shop for groceries in minutes without going anywhere and there are so many productivity apps which help you keep track of your tasks. Have the best of tech your budget can afford, so many people have old technology, say more than 70% of your work is done on a laptop, there is no point in having a laptop that keeps freezing, similar examples can be applied to other parts of your life.

Don’t burn out! Take a break. And try not to use your phone or laptop during the break. Go out, talk to people, play some games- the idea is to refresh your mind and detach from the serious work environment for a while.

Also this GIF is not at all related to the break I talked about, still I have to do this 😂.

Take it easy Folks, Chao!