This blog is about my fun weekend with the GO-JEK bootcamp 003 team at Wonder La. How we hustle hard through the week like soldiers’s and play hard on the weekends 😎. This time we got a chance to go to Wonder-La, Bangalore for a whole day. Before you start reading this post, please read part-I here.

So after lunch almost everybody was really sleepy. But As I said, there was a really special Ferris Wheel there, just look at it, how can you not be tempted to go up there? The just give you one round but the view is amazing. Say it with me, “Amazing!”, once more, “AMAZING!”.

After the ferris wheel the team decided to got for the ‘Equinox’. I again skipped this one because it gives me a bad headache.

Toon Tango

Now Mila said that we should go to ‘Toon Tango’. You may think that it’s like you normal breakdance ride but they are really very fun. Just try it if you are in Wonder-La.

Termite Coaster

Now everybody went for the water rides but me and a few others stayed back as we didn’t really wanted to get wet (yes people like us do exist 😅). So we decided to go for the ‘Termite Coaster’ and I happened to really like this one.

After that we just sat by the pool, clicked some pictures, looked at the fishes(which were really hungry btw). Got some beard secrets from Aakash 🧔. One of the new things we all learned from Mila is the pose you make for ‘love’, I call it ‘A pinch of life’.

Lastly we joined other people from the group and when for the ‘Hang Glider’. It was so much fun that we just did it twice.

Next I wanted to go for ‘Wonder Splash’, a ride which I think is really cool, you don’t really get that we and it’s a lot of fun, feels so refreshing when you come out of the water.

Then we ended with the fountain and laser show, just look at the video to see how amazing it was. But you have to go and experience it to fully understand what I’m saying.

In the end, I’ll just share some pictures from the day. Abhinav, Daval, Rahul, Swarna and other who missed the outing, please do come next time, it would’ve been 10x better if you all were there with us.

That’s it for this one,

Take it easy folks, Chao!