4 Ways iAdvance Now Can Fund Your Business

Capital is the lifeblood of any business. With adequate cash flow, you have the freedom to expand your operations when the opportunity presents itself, upgrade equipment as necessary, and generally run your company however you see fit. Unfortunately, most banks seem to take pleasure in denying you the cash you need when you need it. Luckily, iAdvance Now allows you to get the funding you need in as little as 24 hours.

This company is not a bank, and they don’t have the same hoops to jump through to get your money. Instead, they allow you to apply for funding based on your business’s performance — not your personal credit history — and have the money available in your account in a day or two. There are no application fees, you can apply online, and an expert advisor is available to break your needs down to help you choose the funding solution that is right for you!

Below are four different options available through iAdvance Now to fund your business venture.

1. Credit Card Cash Advances

A Credit Card Cash Advance allows you to use tomorrow’s revenues to get the cash you need for growth today. iAdvance Now purchases a small percentage of your credit card receivables and gives you all of the money up front, allowing you the freedom you need to grow your business. The loan is paid back with a small percentage of your credit card-based revenues for a period of 6–10 months or until the balance is satisfied, according to the mutually agreed upon terms. Up to $1,000,000 is available for businesses that qualify.

2. Business Loans

Business loans are a staple in the finance industry because they are simple and predictable. You get a one-time cash infusion that enables a big purchase, such as a new location or a piece of equipment. You pay back the money according to a prearranged schedule, making the monthly payments easy to factor into your monthly budget. All iAdvance Now interest rates are competitive, and up to $1,000,000 is available to businesses that qualify.

3. ACH Funding

ACH Funding is designed as a proxy for Credit Card Cash Advances for companies that do not do a lot of credit card business. Everything is the same except that your business’s cash flow across all of your operating accounts substitutes for future credit card receivables. Payments are handled via automated electronic debits (ACH) according to your business’s cash flow. Once again, up to $1 million is available if you qualify.

4. Lines Of Credit

Finally, a line of credit offers your business the freedom to spend on whatever is needed as it is needed, up to a pre-approved credit limit. Money paid back is immediately available to borrow again, making this the most flexible financing solution iAdvance Now offers. As always, you can have a credit limit as high as $1 million if you qualify.

Get Connected with iAdvance Now

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