Crowdfund Rescue LLC Shares: 3 Reasons Why Crowdfunding Will Be Taken More Seriously in 2020

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Dec 18, 2019 · 3 min read
Crowdfund Rescue LLC
Crowdfund Rescue LLC

Years ago, having the ability to distribute a one-of-a-kind, life changing product would be a long shot. Inventors constantly faced being shut down by banks who would never approve a loan to an unknown entrepreneur. But now, crowdfunding provides a gateway for those creators who would have been stymied because they did not have millions of their own dollars to invest. Creators and innovators now have access to direct support through platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and there are already hundreds of success stories about startups who became successful from the support of their campaigns.

As a reputable company that helps people figure out how to get the most out of a crowdfunding campaign, Crowdfund Rescue LLC shares three reasons why crowdfunding is becoming a go-to form of financial backing in 2020.

Crowdfund Rescue LLC
Crowdfund Rescue LLC

1. Access to Cash

• When people donate to the entrepreneur directly, their team can create a prototype of the service or product, and the idea becomes tangible. Being able to send a prototype to your investors provides instant advertisement and makes the project a reality.

• The freedom to create without the fear of going into debt allows for time and energy to be placed upon the development of the product. Rather than working to make money for production, the team can devote themselves to the project full time.

• The possibility of equity-based crowdfunding in addition to funds from everyday consumers allows your team to find part owners whose investment in your company provides financial security.

Crowdfund Rescue LLC
Crowdfund Rescue LLC

2. Confirmation

• Through the crowdfunding, an entrepreneur receives validation that their product is needed, and people will pay to get what they have created. Entrepreneurs who may not have family and friends to help them in their initial advertising will find a supportive network of backers who believe in their ideas and are willing to invest.

• Once the customer is engaged, the team can begin developing more ideas for future projects.

• Knowing that there is a niche for your product or service, and access to people who are willing to pay for it increases confidence and affirms that the team is heading in the right direction.

Crowdfund Rescue LLC
Crowdfund Rescue LLC

3. Publicity

• Doubts are alleviated as the demand for the product become real, and often innovators are able to use the attention created by their project to trend on platforms and become more well known.

• Scheduled updates and rewards for investors increases the splash made by the product or service, and increases demand for the product.

• Social media posts, guest bloggers, and press releases provide a momentum for the eventual presentation of the finished product or service.

There are even tales of entrepreneurs who became overwhelmed by the immediate and strong response to their campaigns, resulting in a lot of pressure. It can be difficult to become well known overnight, and some teams have struggled to produce results and meet the expectations of their investors. Of course there are pitfalls that can plague people who gain funds and do not spend them wisely or become greedy, but overall crowdfunding looks to be a successful strategy for years to come.

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