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Aug 2 · 3 min read

Anyone who has spent time on the Internet understands that there are some pretty crazy promises out there. Unfortunately, a lot of companies simply can’t back up those claims and promises, and it leaves customers very unsatisfied.

At first glance, some people might feel that way about seeing that they can get preapproved for $1 million in minutes. While it does take a bit longer to complete the process, the preapproval is 100% real from us at iAdvance Now. Why do so many customers look to us for help? We offer a different type of lending for businesses looking to take the next step.

Time is money

Our main reason for coming together as a company is that we realized so many small business owners had to put plans on hold. Traditional lending options simply took too much time, and that can hold up a growing business.

We make everything quick, easy and hassle-free. iAdvance Now spends the time and energy to make sure that we meet expectations with every new client. Although a person can apply for up to $1 million, most people don’t take out that much money.


Getting money is easy, but the repayment process is what seems to be the most difficult for a lot of business owners. Maybe they feel rushed into a certain type of repayment, or they don’t really know how much money they are going to have in the first few months.

Flexibility is very important to iAdvance Now. They work with each client to come up with a customized plan to repay the money they receive. Sometimes, that means delaying the payment for several months as the business starts to develop and grow. Even the best businesses in the world don’t start making a profit overnight, so we understand that it takes time.

Customer support

No one should ever feel like they are just a number when working with any type of company. This is a major decision for a lot of business owners, because taking out this much money at once requires a lot of responsibility.

In order to make a smart decision, we provide fast service, but we also want people to feel comfortable. If everything needs explained and talked about beforehand, our customer service team will always take that time. No one should ever feel like we pressure them into doing something that they don’t want to.

Can you really get pre-approved for $1 million?

Yes, our preapproval process is one of the fastest in the industry. After getting preapproved, some of the logistics need figured out later on. The good news is that we can speed this up, and most can get money in their accounts in a day or two to use right away.

Ask traditional lending companies how fast their turnaround is. Most will not be able to provide anything close to this. iAdvance Now is truly in a class of their own with lending options.

iAdvance Now

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iAdvance Now provides funding for you to grow your business. With pre-approvals for upwards to $2.5 million.

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