5 similarities between Entrepreneurship and Craftbeer

Craftbeer scene is growing fast in the world and in Spain is a new wave for entrepreneurs. As I’m pasionate about craftbeer I managed to make good relationships with some brewers. I have learnt a lot from them, and the effort they are making.

I just wanted to share some similarities between the two worlds.

3Fs phase

During this phase Entrepreneurs, after having the idea, they start working in a MVP: a small but functional version of what their want to build. After that they try to get their first customers among their relatives and buddies.

Some brewmasters begin homebrewing, shaping their recipes. They brew their first batches at home with small equipment, then they start to test their beers with their friends and families.

Pitch contest vs Craftbeer fairs

You need to go out of the office/garage/brewery and show the people what are you building. For entrepreneurs that means to go to some startup contests, pitching the idea and finding customers to make them some interviews. Brewers also have to show their beers attending to craftbeer events and talking to their clients at their stall.

Market fit

After learning from all the feedback gathered from your users/clients, you should be able to have a suitable product/beer to sell and you should be able to know to whom you want to sell it. From now on is the time to scale your business to maximize incomes.

Raising money

At this point you need to grow your sales and you need to invest some money in building your product. In case of startups this means raising several rounds of investment or at least a seed round. For brewers is the same, you need at least 300.000€ to have a proper Brewery to brew your beer.


At the end of the game there are also Merges & Acquisitions. The big players want to get a bigger piece of the pie, and the smaller ones want to be bigger. Here in Spain one of the biggest players Mahou-San Miguel has started to acquire craftbreweries like Founders from USA or Nomada Brewing from here, Spain.

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