Brand Awareness, promote your content

You have been told that content is the king. You need to create different pieces of content in order to promote your brand. But creating this content is not the beginning and publishing is not the ending. You have to plan and execute a distribution plan. Here I will post some tips that I have learned by doing with 0 budget.


First, you need to know your audience, to whom are you promoting your content. Where do they consume the kind of content you are going to create? How to reach them? which are the channels they look at?. When are they going to read/watch/see the content you are going to create?.

This will help you to decide a schedule to publish and promote your content. As you know “the content is king”, but if nobody knows about it, is worthless.

People will consume a huge amount of content in their mobile phones while commuting from home to work. Video is always a great choice.


Once you have created all the content and chosen the channels you put your content on them. But that is not the end of the process, just publishing won’t bring you traffic. You need your inner circle to share it. And you have to allow then to do it in a very simple way. Because people are fucking lazy. You can give them a prepopulated link like this one.


  • Your Friends are the ones that must support and share your content first. Tell them to watch and share your content on their social networks.
  • Communities: is there any community around the topic of the content you have created? be part of it share good material and when you have a reputation there, you can start to promote your content within it.
  • Blogs: look for blogs related to the content you have created. Ask if they do guest posting, you will be surprised on how many blogs allow it. That will provide them with new content and hopefully, you both can benefit fromsharing audiences.
  • Social Media don’t forget to publish in your own social media account even if you have few followers.
  • Reach influencers on the topic your content is about. Engage with them in a polite way trying to give them some value.

Finally repeat it periodically don’t do like me, if you have a schedule, it would be easier for others to follow your content.

And don’t forget to measure the impact!