The Lausanne — Copenhagen packing madness

They say that moving is hard. Some even say that it’s as emotionally exhausting as losing a loved one. Every time I move I underestimate the amount of STUFF I have. And once the packing is over and the tears are dry, I always ask myself what the hell is in all these boxes?! Can’t even remember so I think to myself.. AH I HAVE NO STUFF! Haha! And so the cycle of healthy lies I tell myself is perpetuated :) A routine I recommend as this is certainly the key to unsettlement, adventures and exploration! Short term memory loss requires the right techniques and practice but anybody can get there.

I was just telling my friends over brunch last Sunday that I’m trying to keep busy in order to avoid going home. As facing all the stuff out in the open like that is way too overwhelming; so that’s the FUN and exciting part; parties, farewells, dinners, busy busy social life before departure is not only the perfect excuse for packing procrastination but is also simply an important part of the move. Then, spikes the stress-POSITIVE STRESS that will get you going for the next 10 hours! It is about as painful as falling down a ravine but oh so productive! Coffee and airplane mode are your best friends. And finally, not to be a party pooper but then hits the coffee hungover, the fatigue, the emotions and the apprehension of the adventure to come. But that s just a tiny part of it, not even worthy of mentioning.

All in all this strategy has worked for me UNTIL NOW. Yes because now that I’ve broken it down into phases it sounds ridiculous! I mean what sane person would put him/herself through such agony?! I now wonder what it would be like to be sane.. :) or at least to pack sanely. How do you pack your life? Any sane or insane strategies to share?

Goodbye room! These 9 months have been wonderful!

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