This Present Suffering

What is the nature of our deepest desires? Do we have the opportunity to fulfill them? Or do we find ourselves seemingly up against an invisible wall, living in a world that seems to deny us our dreams and longings?

And why?

What is this world we live in?

How did we get here?

Is this how the world is meant to be? How life is meant to be?

Or is there something else our hearts long for — and a way to have our desires fulfilled?

A way to step in to a life that feels nourished on a cellular level. The feels kissed by the divine. The feels fearless, unstoppable, resounding with the unshakable knowing that the future is bright?

A life free from guilt. A life relieved of shame.

An eternal kind of life.

“I have come that you might have life, and have it to the full…”

“…Fear not for I have overcome the present system of things…”

“…nothing will be impossible for you.”

In the midst of a world wracked with war and destruction. Filled with the graves of ones we loved. Marred by our the way our technology scars the landscape. Crying out with the silent screams of the animals we torture. Groaning with the stifled sighs of millions of people who live lives of quiet desperation.

Is there hope? Is there a way out. A way through?

How did we get here?

Why is this world the way it is?

And what can we do… to be saved?

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