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  • Rachel Kessel

    Rachel Kessel

    Law lecturer / storyteller. It's about the vibe. Passionate about pracademia. Officially unofficial.

  • James Emslie

    James Emslie

    Stream unlimited music directly into venues so you and your customers can choose the Next Song On

  • Fabrice Florin

    Fabrice Florin

    Product manager for Wikipedia engagement tools. Multimedia pioneer at Apple and Macromedia. Reformed TV producer. I love to bring new ideas to life!

  • iMarck


    Geek and Developer

  • David Bellisario

    David Bellisario

    Founder at Hardware Pioneers and Hardware Academy

  • Jason Smith

    Jason Smith

    Big data | social data | AI | digital disruption | random musings

  • Sultan Zavrak

    Sultan Zavrak

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