There howls a winter, outside and in.

And in, a man holds a woman

His scruff tickles her scars

Where she collects hurts, some remembered, some forgot.

Both seeking their indestructible cores

Exposed by the wind or the sun

A rock left behind after all this ice has melted away.

Moths without a flame

Die just the same

So she lets him all the way in

Pours her softness and warmth onto him

Wraps her legs around his body and

Gasps because it hurts more than expected

When he touches a place far inside her body.

She rocks her hips back and forth

Gripping him with her thighs

Her hand slides from his chest

To his throat

And squeezes.

He laughs and so

She slaps his face


I taste blood, he tongues.

I’m coming, she exhales.

They scream together

Into one another’s sweat.

She falls forward onto him

And in time loosens her grip on his neck

And his cock.

His clavicle trickles blood where a fingernail dug in.

They kiss and both wonder how deep a scar will be left

When this cruel blizzard ends.