3 Tips to Avoid Feeling Older Than You Really Are

Modern medicine has helped you extend your life before it’s helped you live a healthier one.

This is the difference between lifespan and health-span.

Declining health creeps up on you — You don’t really see it coming because the process takes years and you’re often not told there is a problem. Eventually, we’re weaker, it’s harder to go upstairs, we’re more short of breath — We’re lead to believe this is normal aging.

Most people living with osteoarthritis have another 2–3 health conditions and feel like their bodies are decades too old.

Don’t Accept This Type of Aging as Normal.

But, accepting aging as illness and pain makes us more likely to make choices that will negatively influence our hips and knees. “What’s the point of exercising if I’m going to get old anyway”. Having a sense of control when life feels overwhelming can help us avoid making those unhealthy choices.

Here are three tips to help you feel in control despite your pain or age.

#1. Focus on what you can control.

Make a list of the things that cause you stress. Then decide which things on the list you can take action on and which you can’t. This can remind you to accept what’s in your control and what isn’t.

#2. Do more things that are meaningful to you.

You could do projects with your kids, foster an animal, write postcards to friends, or do random acts of kindness for your neighbours. Do things that make you feel good or bring you joy.

#3. Notice your mindset.

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