Reveal your Naked Playlist

Iain Tait
Iain Tait
Jan 17, 2017 · 1 min read


That’s better. I’ve done it. I’ve come out. I feel free. I feel strangely alive.

Like it or not, we now edit and #filter everything. Every bloody selfie has been considered, set-up, optimised and tweaked to tell an overly-manicured story.

But not this. Not your Naked Playlist. It’s an unfiltered and uncoolified version of what you listen to

This came about because we were playing around with the Spotify API the other day, and realised that there’s something very honest, unfiltered and revealing about the tracks that we listen to most often. Not the ones that we choose that help to build our image as cool / dorky / retro / whatever. So we thought we’d put it out there for people to play with.

Give it a go. Strip off. And let the real musical you hang-out.

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