A.I. is allowing companies to make an end-run around antidiscrimination law with little to no accountability.

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By Ifeoma Ajunwa, Assistant Professor with a joint appointment at Cornell ILR School and Cornell Law School
APRIL 10, 2018 | 11:00 AM

When Mark Edelstein, an unemployed 58-year-old social media strategist, logged in to Facebook last December, he was shown ads that reflected some of his interests, including an ad for marketing software and an ad for a trip-booking website that he later used to book a trip to visit his mother in Florida.

What Edelstein did not see that day was a posting for a social media director job at HubSpot. That’s because this ad, identified in an investigation by ProPublica, was targeted only to Facebook users aged 27–40. …

Ifeoma Ajunwa

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