Build chain difficulty

A single chain cannot meet the actual needs, so many different chains need to be built. The cost of building a chain is very high.

Across the chain difficulty

Many blockchains are not designed with inter-chain communication in mind, which makes Cross-chain interaction difficulty.

Extend chain difficulty

A fatal problem faced by many blockchain projects is insufficient network performance (TPS), which directly determines the business complexity and user size that can be carried.

Thinkium features:

Low cost chain construction & security synchronous improvement – you can use the existing infrastructure of Thinkium public chain to quickly build your own public chain

How does the Thinkium public chain return the right to the user?

In the trusted digital world of Thinkium public chain, all digital assets such as user’s behavior, information and data are effectively protected. The user’s data is stored in the distributed data center and access control is carried out by blockchain. Any institution or individual needs to obtain their authorization to read it.



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