Cleanflight LED strip

Jan 17, 2015 · 3 min read

One of the amazing things about an active developer like Dominic Clifton is the constant additions of really cool things — even its it just looks cool.

But the LED strips code on Cleanflight not only looks cool but has practical uses of letting you know if you copter is armed, what flight mode it is in, if the battery is running flat or other warnings….and has indicators for when you turn!

So how do you get these suckers going?

Firstly buy some strips. Lots of places supply these but I find the hard mounted ones from here not only work really well, they are extremely bright from 5v and tough!

  1. Grab a soft silicon rx cord like this one

Cut one end of tin the wires and the Gnd VDC and Din on the LED strip

Solder the black onto GND, red onto VDC and white onto DIN

Disconnect the Signal lead from the other end

The signal lead needs to connect to Input pin 5 on the Naze board

The rest of the rx cable can connect to Motor out 6 with Black to the outside of board

Use the small plate on the N250 and some Double sided tape. Hardware job done.

Load Latest cleanflight

Open Cleanflight and turn on LED strip

This setting does outside 3 back as indicators — all for arming and warnings and flashing indicator for brake — but experiment — thats all I did ☺

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