Failsafe — Failsafe

Jan 20, 2015 · 3 min read

After testing Oneshot on the ZTW Mantis 25amp ESC with a lot of success on the saturday, I had a strange stall flying last Sunday. The quad reverse flipped into the ground from about 40 feet. No great damage just snapped some screws and bend the top plate down onto the naze — bending pins.

After about 15 mins of straightening pins and re-screwing the frame I was ready to fly again. I did notice that the rx lead to the naze was a little less tight than usual but didn't think much more of it.

After doing several flips and rolls — thinking everything was OK the Quad suddenly stopped responding to my sticks and headed off to the right and slightly increasing in altitude.

Knowing I had failsafe set on the rx, I thought I must have radio issue and the failsafe will kick in and the quad will suddenly drop. My failsafe is set to zero throttle. I watched as the quad kept going…so I ran after it switching flight modes and wondering what was going on.

I watched the quad fly into some pine trees and start crashing its way down. Good I thought…better than continuing to fly off where I would never find it.

To my horror as I ran over to the pine trees I see the monster….a huge Dam hiding behind the trees. (see accurate diagram below)

Luckily I see no waves from a quad crashing into the centre. After 30 mins searching with the help of Brad (another quad pilot), I find the quad, upside down 30cm under the water in a bunch of water lillies. Ok I thought, disconnect battery underwater and remove. BTW this is a good idea. The quad was intact but as I lift it up my mobius is now no longer attached….and after hours of searching…not found ☹ Damn…..Dam……no crash video…..

The ESCs dont like water….at two were completely fried, taking out one of the almighty T-motors ☹ and battery was a write off. The rest of the parts naze, vtx, rx, camera dried and placed into rice in a container in the sun look good — so far.

So my conclusion or as I call The Air-crash Investigation. I believe the loose rx cable came off the naze after my flips and although failsafe was set on the rx it wasnt on the naze. never thought of doing this before…never thought I needed to.

So take the 5 secs you need to do it. Click failsafe option and set to min throttle (1000). It could save your quad.

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