Lightning Thinking

Feb 26, 2016 · 1 min read

You ever had that moment a problem or idea comes in your head that you can’t let go? The more you try to stop thinking about the more you explore all the possibilities and sub possibilities of each part of the thought?

I refer to this as Lightning Thinking — where a simple single idea comes down from the top and each thought has a sub thought that opens new things to think about — just like lightning.

This type of thinking does have it pros and cons.

On the positive side you can analyse a myriad of sub thoughts and explore extreme levels of possibility. This can assist for planning for what would normally be the unthinkable

On the cons side its exhausting and a lot of the thought process will never be utilized and is therefore wasted.

Managing a team has allowed me to break out of some of the sub thoughts and delegate to matching team members who I have confidence that they will resolve any underlining scenarios. This allow concentration of other sub thoughts that don’t have a team member to resolve.

Unfortunately the more expanded the Lightning Thinking goes the more cloudy the options become as the brain has to remap some of the sub thoughts as it branches down.

Now I have thought about how I think and explored the myriad of reasons why I think this way, hopefully I can think of something else to strike.


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