NextFPV N250

Jan 11, 2015 · 2 min read

After chatting with one of my OpenPilot contacts on the the OP forum, I was invited last November to come flying with the guys from NextFPV

They have a great little flying field set up next to a strawberry field in a location undisclosed. As soon as I rocked up to the field I spotted a nice Pine tree grove to the western side…..Quad racing potential — that I would try next visit☺

Anyhow after chatting to Rob and Choppy and successfully crashing every quad I had…just to show how crazy I really am — they mentioned a prototype mini quad they were building and if I would like to crash…um test it out and give feedback.

Naturally I jumped at any offer to crash someone else quad. I successfully broke a few prototype frames — just to show them where the weak spots are of course. And then got the final V1 Production frame last week.

So I have taken it flying starting at the spots I like. Cant get enough of scenic flights and areas you dont normally see without an airbourne camera and a crazy pilot. So far all the bits I broke before on the proto havent broken on the prod Carbon Fiber one so thats a good sign.

I call the N250 The Midi — with 6" arms (also comes with 5" for softies)

I will put a up a build blog once I get the audio done.

But anyhow visit for the frame and attached some Intro videos (lots more to come)


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