NextFPV N250 Build

Jan 14, 2015 · 2 min read

Finally got around to putting together my Build Video for the N250.

Please excuse the video and audio quality as filming in the Man Shed is probably not the optimum lighting or audio scenario ☺but I think you can get an idea of what I did and hopefully that might help.

The finished build looks like this

and a photo of it in the wild

You might notice some changes from the build to the beach pic. I have added some 3d printed legs to give some clearance. These are a good rounded shape for sliding in carpark race runs…well at least thats the concept.

I also have changed out the cone style prop nuts for nylock ones. I have found when doing lots of acro the cone nuts can come loose — even if they were well tightened.

You also may wonder why the vtx aerial is now shifted back off the top plate and connected directly to the vtx. For some reason (which I am still troubleshooting) I get ESC interference when it is on the top plate. Not sure if its the vtx or wiring of ESC cables at this stage. Just know it works fine when I move it back off the plate. Will let you know when I resolve it.

Anyhow on to the video….

and the main list of parts

Buzzer/VBat cable:

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