Oneshot on NextFPV N250

Jan 17, 2015 · 2 min read

** Please note BLhelisuite 13+ now has oneshot integrated. Just flash using the latest suite — no need to most of whats in this blog **

As powerful and locked in as my N250 is, I always keep on pushing to find better settings and configs.

I came across this thread on RCGroups and thought “ I wonder what the ZTW Mantis ESC would be like running the oneshot code”.

Sooo, only one way to find out. The Mantis is an Atmel chipset and I know it will run Blue Series 30A blheli code.

Here is the first flights

From sskaug I manage to get hold of the development code as follows

There are two dropbox links to the OneShot125 modified EEP and HEX files for Atmel ESCs.

This link includes the files that do not include the throttle hack to prevent the no throttle chirp/sync bug

This link includes the files that do include the throttle hack:

I recomend trying the non throttle hacked version of the files first. So far, I know the Sunrise Slim ESCS and the Afro line of ESCs do not need the throttle hack. If you use the throttle hacked version you will probably need to raise your minimum throttle to 1075 or so, but I recomend you try different numbers. The goal is to get the minimum throttle as low as possible to get a smooth motor idle.

So I loaded the non throttle hack….and made it work. All that needs to be done to stop the Chirp issue is in cleanflight drop the minimum command to 970. Done. Seems like at 1000 it is just on the edge or spinning up so it chirps.

So how to flash.

  1. Download BLHeliSuite from here extract to a folder somewhere
  2. Download the oneshot firmware from and extract to the atmel folder under the blhelisuite your extracted above.
  3. Start blhelisuite
  4. Plug in a usbasp programmer with a atmel chip connector on it
  1. Click Flash BLheli
  2. Click Ignore the list pick a file. Go to where you extracted the oneshot hex and epp files from zip.
  3. Select the Blueseries 30A multi rev 12_2
  4. Install BLHeli bootload
  5. and read settings to make sure it worked.
  6. In Cleanflight go to configuration tab and set min command to 970. Calibrate motors using motor tab.
  7. Get out and fly the thing!

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