The Future of music has a familiar sound

When singer and pianist Bria began singing on her single “Here With Me” it didn’t take long to be overwhelmed by her smooth, and dynamic voice. After hearing more samples from her upcoming project it’s also clear that although Bria undoubtedly has her own sound, her talented approach to music recalls memories of some of the greats like Aaliyah, and Ashanti.

Bria Tyler was born in Jamaica Queens, New York, in 1995. The now 22 year old artist resides in Long Island, and has spent over a decade perfecting her craft. She began playing a small keyboard at the age of 3 and her mother realized she had the potential to follow in the footsteps of her musically inclined family members. Her grandfather who recently passed away was a manager for Jazz musicians such as the legendary Billy Eckstine, and her great aunt was a power house vocalist on New York’s Broadway stage in the 70’s & 80's. With musicianship in her DNA, Bria began taking piano lessons, and even performed a Stevie Wonder cover song in elementary school. Paying homage to the great by wearing a costume resembling Stevie, she showcased an uncanny musical resemblance to the celebrated soul singer, and went on to steal the show. At only 11 years old she began opera vocal lessons, and continued to refine her already high powered vocals. As her enthusiasm for music continued into her teens she made the switch to more contemporary music, and dreamed of being brought up in the same conversations as her influences Alicia Keys, & Toni Braxton.

As I continued to listen to Bria’s music, it became clear that Jazz, Soul, HipHop, Rhythm and Blues, and artists like Mary J. Blige had a tremendous impact on who Bria is as an artist. I began to speak with Bria about her work and it didn’t come as a surprise when she described her sound as a marriage between the contemporary and classic 90’s and early 2000’s RnB era.

Already Bria has made a name for herself within her hometown, performing at pop up shows, and events, she has even managed to spark the interest of Donnie Klang who produced her song “Here With Me” and has written, recorded, and produced at New York’s own Bad Boy Records after winning Diddy’s “Making The Band 4”. With their studio located in the heart of New York, the two have worked together to produce her soon to come EP “Before The Music” which will be released in just a couple of months.

Even though Bria’s roots are wonderfully classic, she hasn’t shied away from from staying current on social media trends, and actively promotes her online channels like Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud. Although the next generation of artists seem to be more concerned about follows, and likes, Bria has found an appropriate balance of working on the music she loves, and doing the promotion she needs. Her ability to adjust to the changing music climate is a testament of her own passion, dedication, and versatility which exudes through the speakers.

Over the next couple of months Bria and Donnie will be busy putting out more music, promoting her artistry, and lighting up the stages in the New York Metro area.

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