Case Study

The Innovation Lab is a service our agency offers. Within a Lab, we aim to solve complex business challenges for our clients, through ideation, in order to provide optimal experiences. The process takes roughly 4–6 weeks to complete. We begin by researching and interviewing existing and potential customers (as well as internal employees) and end with a UX Strategy that illustrates a product/service experience through a Hollywood storyboard format. This approach enables clients to envision how to solve key friction points in their customer’s experience(s).

My contribution:

  • Co-created the Lab package
  • Directed teams on all Lab projects
  • Participated in pitching…

Case Study

Iwas the Art Director for the Traverse City Film Festival (TCFF) for 5 festivals — including the inaugural Winter Comedy Arts Festival. Within my role (volunteering nights and weekends leading up to the festivals) I handled everything from designing the posters, logo and merchandise to items like bus wraps and street banners. I also worked in all parts of the process, including design to production ready art and final approval of proofs.

My contribution:

  • Festival Branding
  • Co-created Festival Theme and Concepts
  • Poster Design
  • Creative Direction: Photoshoots
  • Festival Store Merchandise: T-shirts, Mugs, Hats, Magnets, etc.
  • Window/Bus Clings
  • Signage/Light Pole Banners/Wayfinding
  • Staff…

Overview Of My Design Experience


  • Design leadership, product strategy, UX design, and user research.
  • Zero to One product design and strategy: Extensive experience with startups and enterprise (Fortune 500) companies.
  • Proficient with digital design applications (Figma, Sketch, Studio, etc), industry prototyping tools, frameworks, HTML/CSS.
  • Product & service innovation/ideation/strategy, prototyping, user testing, Lean UX, research, Agile.
  • Publication authoring and editing.


A selection of digital products I’ve worked on:

Photo credit: Jerry Yu

One of the best approaches for creating new products and experiences

You’ve probably never heard of movie producer Jason Blum. However, you’ve likely seen or heard of at least one of his movies. And if you haven’t, you won’t forget him after this because his production company is blowing up Hollywood’s way of thinking. Jason has been pioneering a new business model for making films for the better part of the past decade.

The typical method of creating films is a lot like the corporate way of creating new products or services; on the outside some of the best brands and companies seem to know what they are doing, but once…

Case Study

SpatialKey is a data visualization web app that helps insurance companies measure the current and potential impact of hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc. I was the UX lead on SpatialKey for 3+ years. It was a startup incubated by Universal Mind. I helped evolve the base product into a fully-featured software platform.

My contribution:

  • UX lead
  • Interface design
  • Information Architecture
  • Branding/Marketing (previous)
  • Site design & markup (old sites)


The Journey

If you were to map (sorry, pun intended) my journey, in the field we call UX, SpatialKey would certainly be one of my bigger stops. …

Case Study

Rise is an app that was created out of frustration with the stock iOS alarm (and others at the time). Most alarm apps use the common time dial component and focus on aesthetics over simplicity. Rise is a simple alarm clock app that was designed for touchscreen.

My contribution:


Hop into my time machine and let’s go back to the Skeuomorphic, pre-Flat Design Era that peaked in 2007 with the release of the iPhone and met its timely death around 2013 with the release of iOS7…

About Me

My name is Francisco Inchauste. I am a UX leader and design expert. I have worked with some of the best digital teams in the world, to help them design great experiences. I live in Michigan with my family and I love to travel.

A while back I had this super brilliant idea to take down all the pictures of things that I’ve made and just feature my writing — which in retrospect wasn’t so brilliant since it’s hard to keep up with a blog.

Anyway, it felt like just showing those images ignored the fact that I think a…

Image: Josh Felise

One of the following statements by influential designers was made this month and the other was made five years ago. Can you guess which statement was made when?

“The web and its related disciplines have grown organically. And those of us who work here should have sophisticated, native tools to do our jobs.”

“Design tools are stuck in the stone age but we’re expected to build spaceships. Imagine the glorious things we’ll design once tools catch up.”

It’s very common for us to lament and discuss the state of our tools. I’m not here to point out that it’s wrong…

Photo Credit: ntr23

A closer look at Google’s ‘future of email’ interface

Google just launched a new, don’t-just-call-it-email product called: Inbox. It’s a combination of a few things like Google Now, Gmail, and to-do lists. Google’s marketing says that “Inbox is a fresh start that goes beyond email to help you get back to what matters.” Some publications have hailed it as the “reinvention” of email. According to Google, Inbox is the future of email.

But wait, hasn’t this kind of hype happened before, Google?

Francisco Inchauste

Designer, writer, and wrangler of smaller versions of myself.

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