Waiting is part of the #Destiny

‪I learnt — Waiting is part of the #destiny — ‬

‪today after frustrated post uber cancellation and ignoring Rickshaw drivers eyes. A tap from behind asked me can I get bread for my son. I turned back with my anxious eyes still on rickshaw wala‬s. This lady asked me in Gujarati for help, not sure how she knew that this crazy Sardarji understand her language.

Initially it took me sometime for my anxious mind — deciding should I help her or continue looking for rickshaw. But my inner voice of compassion took over and made me walked over to near by bakery with her. And every step to bakery was filled with “Thank You”. And my anxiety was settling down. Even bakery shopkeeper’s eyes where asking me why I am doing this?

When she got the bread toast her eyes and her broken voice still thanked me, Already I was different by then, but this situation and those mother’s eyes changed me from inside.

Waiting is part of our #Destiny

I returned back to road and a rick was already waiting for me to ferry — All anxieties were gone and I had finished drawing the sketch while riding in the rickshaw, but still my inner voice is asking me —

Is this Wait was part of my #Destiny !