a Thankful CHRISTMAS

The CHRISTMAS story has always been about those who betrayed Christ, those who were involved in beating HIM, and of course those who had raised their voices to shout CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM! — Yes, it’s a pitiable story as We all know of His innocence to all the Many Accusations such that Pontius Pilate felt sorry for His state even while He had to Please the people…
… I’m sure Barabas couldn’t have understood why they’ll have to chose a nuisance like Him over a Savior like Christ. Yes, one of the thieves on the Cross with CHRIST had even showed Pity on our Innocent CHRIST and had to accept that JESUS was being accused for what HE didn’t do but they did — They were POWERS and Reasons strong enough to declare JESUS free.

The People had wanted Him dead not because He was found guilty but just because they were a major plan of the Crucifixion Story. The role of the multitude who shouted ‘KILL HIM’ was very VITAL. Pontius chose to say YES to them and NO to Christ and even washed His hands to be free from His death — Don’t YOU think WE ALL Owe those folks a BIG Thank YOU? They helped YOU and I so MUCH…
… Jesus Himself wished it wasn’t a MANDATE perhaps YOU and I would have paid for OUR Sins by Ourselves — What an event YOU won’t even want to IMAGINE. Inasmuch as JESUS owns all our THANKS and Appreciations for accepting to go through that PROCESS for US, YOU also need to know that We all owe Big thanks to the Multitude, Pontius, etc for facilitating the Process.

Friends, While we have big plans to Merry this Season, keep in Mind that YOUR season will not be complete without an APPRECIATION to all those who have in one way or the other made YOU come this far, to those who have been a PART of YOUR SUCCESS Process, those who have refused to HELP YOU and Thus, made YOU learn to DO IT YOURSELF — Be THANKFUL!

GRACE Unlimited wouldn’t have been available IF Christ HAD not accepted to DIE for YOU alongside those who played a ROLE in it


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