Do IT as IT IS

I had gone to see one of my Very Respected Leaders and as Usual, WE don’t just talk about GOD alone, WE talk into almost every aspect of Life and Our daily dealings with others. This time, we got talking and went into what I DO. He had invited his Secretary to join us in the discussion and it was fun all the WAY #Smiles…
… We all shared experiences of how WE all started doing what WE now spend time and resources doing so I shared the Criticisms and Negative Opinions I got when I started doing this my Lazy Writing and sharing with Friends. He stopped me half and said some very sweet and needed stories to me, along side his Secretary.

Your style of doing what YOU do, Your way of going about it, Your ideas on how to grow it, and the many other Unique things YOU do can only be done as perfect and sweet as it ORIGINALLY IS. One of the many Mistakes WE make is trying to beautify the RAW substance YOU’ve got till YOU loose it’s original VALUE. Many times, WE try to be Professional enough that we lose the Direction and TARGET we once HAD…

… Friends, He told Us that He once asked the Bishop of the Living Faith Church why His books are almost as same as the content of HIS messages and the Bishop responded “This WORDS I speak to YOU are SPIRIT and LIFE” thus, too much of editing the content will reduce the originality of the Message itself, and of course make less IMPACT.

Whatever YOU’ve got to do, do it as it was said YOU should. Make the Value count without compromising to what YOUR Friends and or Family thinks!

Good DAY!

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