I’d had so much love for Music and theater Arts. I had even believed I was going to chase it not just for the LOVE and Passion for it but also as a Professional in My Career line. When many students had bigger dreams of being Engineers, Medical Doctors, Lawyers and the Likes, My Dad never accepted it that I could just forget about other Professional Professions to think of being an ACTOR or a SINGER…
… OKAY, I had to change My Career path as a YOUNG Teenager but never gave up on doing my Acting and or Singing in every slight chance I had. I knew some of My weaknesses to performing fine — I could Act or Sing nicely but the Moment I get Praised for it, I become Anxious and may never do it good again. I never liked Competition or Auditioning as I always performed lesser trying to meet up.

… I had avoided anything that will make ME do lesser than I can so I avoided many events I would have been into and some may have brought me into Limelight as a Teenager. One time, I had a friend invite me to be a part of a DRAMA Crew; I visited once and loved it. To be a Part of it, some weeks later I was asked to do an AUDITION for a role and as USUAL, I messed UP my chances of owning that role. I was asked to fill a form before the Audition which I’d done but before I submitted it, I wrote BOLDLY behind the FORM that “I CAN DO BETTER than THIS” explaining in few lines why I messed Up my chances — That NIGHT I received a call from the Crew HEAD and after a few chats, HE asked me to JOIN the CREW …

Friends, many times WE allow OUR GRADES and sometimes ‘THEIR’ GRADES JUDGE Our ABILITIES. YOU failed ONCE, Failed TWICE and even FAILED AGAIN on a Succession but it doesn’t mean YOU are not good at that which YOU were CREATED or Meant for. Because YOU didn’t do it WELL is no good reason to accept that YOU aren’t fit for IT.

If YOU must learn today, Please LEARN to know that YOUR GRADES shouldn’t be the CRITERIA for Man’s Judgments


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