Man seems to be Quick to Judge another based on His or her lifestyle, sometimes it seem applaudable or justifiable. We sometimes get it wrong after passing Our judgments perhaps in Our Hearts and as a result of this, We often write off others too quick before We get to personally know them and why their kind of Lifestyle — I’d met a friend who drinks so much, ordinarily, those who knew Him from a distance had said all worth not about Him and His drinking, It was surprising to know that He always tops His class. His close friends were scared His grades will drop the day he mentioned quitting drinking, it didn’t though.

Sometimes, the persons We Judge as Our Best turns out not being, they disappoint US somehow, and those We turn down in turn wins Our thumbs up — It’s noted that Franklin Roosevelt had friendship with bad politicians, consulted astrologers, had two wives, chain smoked, drank 8–10 times daily yet sat as the 32nd US President. Winston Churchill was kicked out of office twice, slept till noon, used opium in college and drank whiskey every evening yet was 2 times Prime Minister of the UK. ADOLF HITLER, a decorated war hero, a vegetarian, didn’t smoke, didn’t drink and never cheated on his wife, yet noted as History’s most notorious Dictators and War Lord even if He also made it as a Chancellor of Germany.

Friends, Habits should never be a Criterion to JUDGE! It’s a risky Risk to judge a person by his or her habits, YOU just can’t tell why they go into such lifestyles. Many times it’s been said that Character is a complex phenomenon as judgments had been passed wrongly using one’s character to Judge the possibility of His Outcome. Accept those YOU can, Acknowledge their Importance and be at YOUR Best never to be their JUDGE.

If EVERYONE will have to JUDGE YOU based on YOUR Habits and or Lifestyle, what will the outcome be?

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