just Being QUIET

Being Positive about Life and its events is a good thing or lifestyle to practice. It do always work for those who live and believe in it — Refusing to accept the NOW because of an anticipated Tomorrow despite the reality of the things WE see which could even weigh ONE down. The Positive attitude is and has been a beautiful lifestyle practiced by those who believe in Positivism…
… Other than being positive about life, being QUIET is another tactic ONE would want to try or learn to live with when it comes to those moments when Nature or events presents issues WE never bargained for. Being Quiet helps ONE to be able to think and or figure out a solution in any situation We find ourselves. It reduces worries and turns out with possible solutions.

One of the many things Panicking does to YOU is to keep YOUR mind in a troubled and restless state where all YOU can think of is nothing as the Mind will only run around and be bothered about the happening event even when it is one that needs urgent attention. The Mind at a calm state produces more and finds its way around the happenings of Life….
… While challenges will not stop coming our ways, wearing the right attitude and creating the right environment plays a good role in how We handle the events that comes to us. Refusing to panic about the many situations We meet will quicken Our mind power to proffer solution. Refuse to be troubled by the things that happen to and or around us.

Friends, being positive about Life cannot be effective in a troubled environment. Until the mind is quiet, being positive may just be a struggle with self to achieve positivism. Being calm makes YOUR positive attitudes to events much easier to achieve and keeps worries from the events far from YOU. Having both is a perfect attack for the challenges that may come.

A troubled heart remains nothing more than a play center for confusing thoughts. A step to being QUIET is to Smile at the Events.

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