keep to YOUR Words

… Children can be unconsciously stubborn even when YOU promise disciplining them for whatever they do. They just want to find their way around with the hopes that they won’t be disciplined — sometimes, I try to figure out where they got those new age thoughts from. A mother had asked her son not to go out but the son had sneaked himself out thus, the time to discipline him as promised by his mother. Neighbors had come out to plead on his behave but to no avail. I watched from afar as I listened to the Mother give reasons why she will discipline her son …

Our children do what they want with the mindset that “Mommy won’t beat US, We know her” and the most possible reason for this is that a Parent will promise to discipline a child for every wrong done but fails to discipline that child as promised when the wrong is done, and then, that child gets to know that Mum or Dad will not do anything after a couple of reoccurrences…
… Pampering a child may not always be the reason why things go wrong in some homes. Parents not acting to their words when it comes to discipline may be a good reason. Many times, when children do what they are asked not to do either at school or home, it’s a sign that they know YOU well enough not to implement whatever punishment YOU’ve said YOU would for their wrongs.

Friends, Children act on what they know YOUR words to be. Growing a child doesn’t just require discipline, it also requires YOU keep to YOUR words when it comes to disciplining them — that child will grow up with the consciousness that YOUR YES or NO is exactly what it is. I’d always advise Parents to rather not say IT than not do IT. My daddy never promised what he’ll do or not do, he just does what he wants and let YOU share the story — We called it the Ghost-MODE Action.

YOUR children will grow up to know and take YOU for YOUR words — Now is the right time to make their minds grow consciously with it.

Keep to YOUR Words!

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