I am not much of a TV Person especially when it comes to sitting for 90 Minutes watching football, it’s not my thing, I’ll always sleep off even if it is Movies. Don’t just think I’m weird, I make time for the Cinemas, I also have Football Clubs I support or like, I play football well too. I’d heard of the championship finals over the weekend and I’d tuned in to see the game while I did other things alongside and guess what, NEYMAR WON my Heart back — Neymar was overrated during the last world cup, I expected so much of his performance but I was disappointed at the rating and I lost the Love I was developing for HIM but a SIMPLE ACT last weekend had made Him win a Big SPACE Deep inside MY HEART.

When a PERSON is highly rated, what happens in YOUR mind first is not the CURIOSITY to meet that Person but a certain expectation from that person drawn by the MIND, when YOU meet that Person, YOU’d expect a performance worth the RATING and if for any reason whatsoever, YOU don’t get it, YOU get disappointed at YOUR expectations. Remember the Queen of Sheba heard so much of King Solomon and sent her Advisers to check on His Intelligence, they came back with a report that HE was WOW, when She went Herself to see Him, SHE rated Him more than a WOW saying Her Advisers Underrated His ‘WOWness’. This was what happened to Me on seeing NEYMAR’s performance during the World cup as overrated.

Friends, the game was a BIG deal for me NOT because His team WON nor because it was viewed by over 50% of the Earth’s Populace, it was because NEYMAR had worn a HEADBAND boldly written “100% JESUS”, My Heart was JOYOUS, If with His STARDOM, He could BROADCAST Jesus to everyone who witnessed that GAME, JESUS wouldn’t let Him DOWN anytime He needs HIM.

When YOU get to the PEAK of that CAREER or become a STAR, will YOU be bold to still stand for JESUS or will He be kept aside?

K — KAY, theStoryTELLER
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