Stories from the TITLES

It is true that an ANOINTED MAN can also turn out to be an ANNOYED MAN if His Designations are not used on Him especially when it MUST be a part of HIS recognition — Two Friends, ‘A’ and ‘B’ had a Quarrel which almost broke a Lifetime relationship. ‘A’ was an ordained Pastor and ‘B’ was far from the Ministry work. He strolled into the HOUSE one day and Addressed ‘A’ by His first name, it was not OK for ‘A’ so he corrected ‘B’ reminding Him to Add the Title ‘Pastor’ before His name — As friends, B refused and thus a big Quarrel that separated them.

… A security officer was on duty and requested that all cars be parked outside the premises as Instructed by His Superior but this particular BOSS wouldn’t accept that and a chest beat of the ‘WHO I AM’ ranting — The security officer had insisted ‘I know YOU Sir but please park outside’ — while the security man thinks He’s just doing his job, on the other hand, He just made the MAN realize that protocols must be observed irrespective of YOUR designation — Now that’s Leadership. ‘There is a way that seem right to YOU but the end could just be Destruction’. YOU’ve done all YOU could just to get that TITLE so YOU could be recognized and YET the ‘TITLE-less’ YOUNG Man seem to be more recognized. It could cause all sorts of Negative thoughts on YOUR inside which will ONE day manifest. Inferiority complex is PLAYING somewhere around YOU — Deal with IT…

Friends, When that TITLE gets OVER YOU, YOU’ll have nothing much to do but to think and harbor negative thoughts for those who do not Recognize IT. I’d met the third in Hierarchy of a Popular Brand in Africa and YET He introduced Himself to me with HIS Birth Names without his Position and Titles. We spoke like business associates yet I needed a favor from HIM — The title remains a TITLE.

Yes, while it’s just a TITLE, also know that IT WAS Earned and has the Power to command Authorities — Respect IT.


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